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The Scoons Sample Success System
Following a model of success is an easy way to get your sample program up and running efficiently and effectively.  The Scoons Sample Success Strategy is built upon years of experience from the installation, sales and now the design side of the business.  Scoons Design understands the reflection of expectations a sample can have on the final product installation and how only a sample can effectively clarify product options such as color and texture.  Your sample program should be broken down into discrete components with specific sample materials designed for specific stage of the sales process.
Presentation Samples
A well thought out sample program starts with presentation materials.  Arming your sales team with professionally created and mounted samples help illustrate the features of the product that provide value to the customer.  Scoons Design can customize these presentation tools to meet the needs of your sales team, distributors, contractors, designers, architects and engineers. 
Presentation Books can focus on a product group or the entire product selection to help visualize the options for a specific application.  In some case, a one-page sample card may work out better for binder presentations or for light weight travel situations.  New product introductions may call for their own presentation piece that can be small enough to mail and leave with potential customers.

Stock Samples
Once the sales presentation has determined the right product for the application and the customer has selected the color and texture options, a stand alone sample can be presented to the customer through the Scoons Stocking Sample program.  Physically accepting a sample keeps your company top of mind in the owner or specifiers mind.  The sample can be attached to the specific job or used as the basis of design for a master specification.
Custom Samples
Finally, Scoons Design is uniquely positioned in the market to customize the program for each customer and each situation.  Frequently, there are requests for variations in size or standard colors.  These variations can be easily and quickly provided for customers in the Scoons Stocking Sample program.  On occasion there are requests for truly unique samples for specific applications or performance testing; these custom samples are generally required on large projects with high volume potential.  Custom samples will be more expensive than routine stocking samples or variations, but they are instrumental in securing the potential sale and more than pay for themselves.
When you are reviewing your sample program, consider the big picture.  Provide your “marketing” samples for the early stage presentation and architectural libraries.  Build a stocking sample program to increase your sales organization closing efficiency. And finally, budget for custom samples for major projects to give your team a competitive advantage in closing the deal.
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