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Samples Sell
Products may not sell themselves but product samples sure can ease the process. Allowing your potential customers to see and feel the product through sample presentation creates desire and they understand the value and quality of your products. 

Scoons Design is uniquely positioned to service the industrial and commercial flooring industry with sample presentation materials.  Samples help improve your sales process maximizing your sales efficiency and clarifying the product benefits for your customer.

Scoons Design understands the importance of sample presentation during the sales process from years of experience installing flooring as a specialty contractor.  With this knowledge Scoons partners with their customers to design and develop the best sample presentation tools for their sales organization and custom samples for owners and architects to secure a project specification.

Scoons Design operates a flexible process that allows for customized presentation materials and for continuous stocking samples or individual piece work.  The operations have experience with all polymer chemistries, application techniques and support substrates.
Let Scoons Design help you create your professional sample program.

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Who benefits from using samples?
Manufacturers of high value complex products
• Installation Contractors describing the products
• Distributors identifying the correct options
• Marketers creating awareness and demand
• Trainers detailing the installation process
• Designers coordinating product selections
• Engineers testing material performance
• Building Owners confirming their selection 


Making samples work for you:
• Color/Gloss – Only a sample can represent true color and gloss
• Texture –Clarify “textured” qualitative descriptors to product specifics
• “Feel” – A sample represents weight and temperature
• Detail Installation– step-down samples describe the story
• Production Process (Cut away) – call out hidden details
• Transitions – Samples show surface to surface interface
• Compare – Show the benefits versus the competition
• Simplify the Selection – Samples help customer select multiple options
• Secure Position – Samples set the standard
• Custom Installations – Create custom samples as needed
• New Product Introduction – Samples create excitement and simplify new product introductions
• Performance – samples can be used for qualification and performance testing 

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